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Remote Laboratory: Science Committee announces an international grant program


The Science Committee of the Republic of Armenia announces the second call for Adjunct Research Professorship Program (Remote Laboratory)․

The program aims to empower excellent Principal Investigators (PIs) as Adjunct Research Professors to realize their research ideas by founding their research groups at the best Armenian research institutions. 

The Remote Laboratory program is open to researchers of any nationality, and age, who intend to guide the research program in a research institution in the Republic of Armenia and have not resided, worked, or studied in Armenia for 12 months during the past 4 years. The PIs found their research group at one of the state-funded research and educational institutions in Armenia. Research groups must have 2-5 members.

During the implementation of the program PIs can move to Armenia (at least for a period of 12 months) and become a member of the new laboratory.

The Remote Laboratory program can be up to a maximum of € 363,606 (ca. AMD 154,900,000) for a period of 5 years. The program budget is composed of Remuneration of the PI, research team’s monthly salary, research supplies and consumables, costs of research equipment , travel and subsistence costs for group members and external visiting collaborators, open Access publication and dissemination costs, monograph publication costs with prior approval from the SC.

Proposals are submitted by the applicant via a web-based online proposal submission system at 

The submission deadline for the Remote Laboratory program is April 7th, 2023, at 18:00 Armenia time (UTC +4). Please keep in mind that it is not possible to make any changes to the proposal once it is submitted.

18 research projects have been guaranteed remuneration according to the results of the previous Call for Adjunct Research Professorship Program.

For additional information:

Tel: (010) 210140 (108) 



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