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Professor Miguel Rodriguez from Madrid Institute of Ceramics and Glass Delivers Lecture at National Academy of Sciences


On September 12, the Session Hall of the Presidium of NAS RA hosted the lecture entitled “Ceramics Materials: From Technical Ceramics to Nanomaterials, including Archeology” delivered by Professor Miguel Rodriguez from the Madrid Institute of Ceramics and Glass.

The report was dedicated to the ways of obtaining the properties of ceramic materials and their study, as well as some other aspects of the Institute’s work. During the report, the importance of ceramic materials in the fields of anthropology and archeology was specifically emphasized.

Professor Miguel Rodriguez’s project, “Bioceramics for Implants Manufactured using Adapted Additive Technology for Bone Tissue Regeneration”, is implemented within the framework of the Remote Lab Creation Program funded in 2022 by the Higher Education and Science Committee of the Republic of Armenia.