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Advanced Bioimaging Seminar series is launched by The Orbeli Institute of Physiology of NAS RA


The Orbeli Institute of Physiology of NAS RA announces the 2022 Advanced Bioimaging Seminar series. The series of the seminars is organized within the “Building a Biomedical Imaging Network for Former Soviet Countries” program by “Chan Zuckerberg Initiative”. It aims to unite biomedical researchers that use advanced imaging technologies and to advance regional collaboration.

The first meeting of the series of seminars is scheduled for this year, on April 28 (reception 4:30-5pm, talk 5-6pm), at Orbeli Institute of Physiology, Conference room (Yerevan, 22 Orbeli Brothers street). “Hyperspectral Imaging: Seeing the Invisible'' report will be presented by Narine Sarvazyan, Professor of Pharmacology and Physiology George Washington University, USA.

The speaker will also overview opportunities provided by a recent award from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Foundation to the Orbeli Physiology Institute.