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Publication under the Financial Support of the Science Committee » Armenian culture of vine and wine

Armenian culture of vine and wine

Suren Hobosyan, Boris Gasparyan, Hasmik Harutyunyan, Ani Saratikyan, Anzhela Amirkhanyan

Publishing house of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography

Yerevan, 2021, 437 pages

Grapes and wine have played a unique role in the centuries-old history of the Armenian people, becoming one of the important attributes shaping up its identity. The present monograph reveals the content of the long way of viticulture and wine-making in the Armenian Highlands. The issues highlighted for the respective discussion, more precisely, viticulture zones, orchards and horticulture, irrigation, wine-making instruments and its storage, are meant to dwell on the practical-economic and spiritual-ritualistic significance of grapes and wine in Armenians' every-day life and culture, as well as to cover their reflection in folklore, folk medicine and diet. The varieties of Armenian grapes and the references of wine in folklore are discussed in further details. The monograph also comprises an extensive dictionary of respective terms. This volume, spiced with a large amount of documentary material and images, is intended for both professionals and a wide range of readers interested in culture and art.