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National Academy of Sciences launched Science and Technologies Convergence Forum


On April 29, the Chairman of the MES RA State Committee of Science attended the Science and Technology Convergence Forum, hosted by the RA National Academy of Sciences.

The Forum was organized by the RA NAS Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems with the assistance of the MES RA State Committee of Science, Enterprise Incubator Foundation, Youth Foundation of Armenia and Young Scientists Support Program.

The Forum aims to encourage mutually beneficial cooperation between science and industry in the Information Technology sector, creating a comprehensive platform for the development of a knowledge-based ecosystem. 

The Chairman of the State Committee of Science welcomed the attendees of the forum in his welcome message:

"It is noteworthy that such types of events are being organized in Armenia, especially with regard to the organizer, the RA NAS Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems, which is considered as of the leading institutions in the relevant field.

Nowadays the measures towards the development of Information Technology sector are of high importance in the Republic of Armenia. The field of information and digital technologies, which involves a significant number of companies and quality experts of international level, is considered as one of the fastest-growing and high value-added industries of Armenian economy".