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The Report on Armenia’s Innovative Development Was Presented

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On November 14, at the UN Office inArmenia, a presentation of the report onArmenia’s innovation development, compiled by the UN Economic Commission for Europe, was held. The report has been compiled based on the 2013-14 extensive research and discussions of the professionals and experts of the UN Economic Commission for Europe. The study aims to comprehensively assessArmenia’s condition and potential in the innovation field and to provide the RA government with appropriate guidance for developing a more effective policy towards activating innovation processes. Resulting from the studies, the RA MES State Committee of Science coordinated the experts’ work inArmenia.

In his opening speech, Ralph Heinrich, the representative of the UN Economic Commission for Europe, thanking Armenian experts for the effective joint work, expressed the hope that the study and assessment carried out will be considered by the developers of strategies for the progress ofArmenia’s innovation sphere. He mentioned that despite the apparent trend in the development of innovation processes inArmenia, it is, however, necessary to take steps to raise public awareness on their importance.

The Chairman of the RA MES State Committee of Science, Samvel Harutyunyan, expressed willingness to continue and strengthen cooperation with the UN institutions and delineated the Committee’s activities, the projects carried out, the legal acts and international treaties developed, etc.

Afterwards, speech was given to the authors to present the report. It should be noted that the report consists of 7 sections; at the end of each section, conclusions and relevant guidance is given. The current state of the RA scientific and scientific-technological structure, national scientific-innovation system and policy, science-production bond and collaboration in innovation processes, problems of innovation entrepreneurship funding are thoroughly presented in the document.