The RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Higher Education and Science Committee

Representatives of “Silk road” countries met in China


On July 2-7, the Deputy Chairman of the RA MES State Committee of Science Vardan Sahakyan attended the meeting of newly established Silk Road High-Tech Park Alliance, held in Yantai, China.

The Alliance aims to establish mutually beneficial cooperation between the scientific and technological organizations of the Silk Road countries, as well as to enhance the bilateral and multilateral cooperation among the member countries of the Alliance and boost the level of the innovative services of scientific and technological institutions. In the course of the meeting, a pact on the establishment of the Alliance was discussed and signed by the representatives of scientific, educational, research, technological and innovation organizations of China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia. On behalf of the Republic of Armenia, the founder of the Alliance is the RA MES State Committee of Science.