The RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Higher Education and Science Committee

On Scientific Travel Grants

Question 1: In which cases is the researcher provided with scientific travel grant?

Answer - The researcher is usually provided with financial support (as a rule, once a year) to deliver an oral presentation at an international conference, scientific conference, symposium or seminar ("Scientific Event"), related to the scientific program implemented within the Basic financing of scientific and technical activities in their organization.

Question 2: Who is elligible to apply for travel grant and when?

Answer: In order to receive financial support for a scientific business trip, the head of the organization applies to the RA Science Committee in writing after receiving the invitation of the researcher to participate in the scientific event, not later than thirty days before the day of the trip.

Question 3: What documents must be submitted to receive a travel grant?

Answer - In order to receive financial support, the head of the organization applies in writing to the RA Science Committee, submitting the invitation by the organizer of the scientific event or the notification on the acceptance of the report, the application for scientific travel grant and the Summary of the scientific efficiency of the researcher (lists of the applicant's scientific publications (up to ten) and invited or oral reports (up to five) at scientific events during the last 3 years). It is also acceptable to submit the applicant's personal (twelve-digit) code at the Committee's online application submission system (

Question 4: What documents need to be submitted after the completion of the scientific trip with the financial support of the RA Science Committee?

Answer: Within ten working days after the end of the scientific trip, the head of the organization shall submit to the Committee a copy of the report on the results of the researcher's scientific trip, attaching copies of the boarding pass.