Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport RA Higher Education and Science Committee

Participation in the 50th Anniversary Events of the Founding of ICTP


On October 6-9, in the Italian city Trieste, the Chairman of the RA MES State Committee of Science, S. Harutyunyan, participated in an event organised for the 50th anniversary of the Abdus Salaam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), which was attended by more than 250 scientists from around the world.


During the days of the event, numerous reports were heard in the ICTP scientific political circles, extensive discussions took place regarding particularly ICTP research in renewable energy and life sciences. The speeches of the Nobel laureates David Gross, Carlo Rubbia and Roy Glauber reports, heard at the event, were distinguished.


In the course of the event, Samvel Harutyunyan had a meeting with ICTP director F. Quevedo with whom he discussed issues concerning the establishment of a branch of Abdus Salaam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) inArmenia, organisation of branch activities, and development.


During the meeting, Mr Quevedo also referred to the CANDLE project and proposed to appear inTriestewith a comprehensive report on CANDLE for the purpose of presenting the project to a larger audience.


InItaly, the SCS Chairman also had a separate meeting with the R. Ruffini, the President of theInternationalCenterfor Relativistic Astrophysics (ICRANet); issues concerning the activities ofICRANet-YerevanCenter– recently opened inArmenia– and enduing the centre with an international status have been discussed.